With the possible exception of working a "new one" myself, there is little in the world of amateur radio that gives me greater pleasure than confirming a "new one" for a fellow DX-er. However, I am becoming more and more concerned by what I call indiscriminate QSL-ing. By indiscriminate QSL-ing, I refer to the unfortunately common practice of special event stations, contest stations, club stations and certain countries' amateurs of confirming via the bureau system each and every QSO that they make. Many of these cards are over-printed with words such as "Return QSL not required".

It has been established by numerous QSL managers over a number of years and DX-peditions that only about 66% of amateurs actually collect cards. Thus, about one third of all such cards sent out indiscriminately achieve nothing beyond clogging up and slowing down the already overloaded bureau system - and creating a lot of waste paper that needs to be recycled.

In an effort to minimise the effects of such bad practices, it is thus my policy ONLY to respond to incoming bureau cards that very clearly request a reply.

I also find that many stations request confirmation of band/mode QSOs that have been previously confirmed, probably due to delays in the bureau system or poor record keeping. I have yet to discover a reason why anyone would want more than one card confirming a single band/mode QSO with any DX station. If you know of one, please tell me!

Again, and primarily because I only have limited number of QSL cards available for any one DX station, it is my policy NOT to respond to a second QSL request for a band/mode that has already been confirmed. However, if I receive a second QSL request, either via the bureau or direct, for a QSO that is greater than five years old, then I will provide a second, suitably endorsed card. 

If you are convinced that your original card has been lost in the bureau system and wish for a duplicate card, then please re-send your request with a separate self addressed envelope (SAE) and adequate return postage for each callsign and I will be happy to provide a suitably endorsed, duplicate card. Otherwise, HAVE PATIENCE, the bureau system takes a long time!

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