Genuine reports from short wave listeners (SWLs) are welcome and are to be encouraged. The SWL of today is the DX-er of tomorrow!

However, now that general access to the PacketCluster system via the Internet is available to all, there have been a number of proven cases of "cheating" by SWLs who have merely lifted spots from the PacketCluster and sent reports to DX stations based upon the PacketCluster data and without actually hearing the DX station at all.

Consequently, and to avoid such cheating, my policy is to respond only to SWL reports giving the callsigns and other relevant data (date, time, band and mode) of at least two and preferably three consecutive QSOs by any DX station. This also has the effect of minimising the possibility of SWLs reporting on incomplete/unlogged QSOs or on busted calls.

SWL reports of unanswered CQ calls or WSPR beacon type transmissions will not be acknowledged. Neither will reports not including callsigns worked, date, time, band and/or mode.

If you need a QSL, sending direct is strongly recommended and much preferred but please include adequate postage and a good quality C6 sized SAE for its return. US dollars are preferred but please remember that at least, US $2 is required for an airmail reply within or outside Europe. Mint stamps, coins and other currencies are NOT welcome.

Please do not be under any delusion that a SWL report received via the bureau some two or three years after the reported QSOs made in the midst of a pile up is of any value whatsoever to the DX station's operator.

However, I do recognise that many SWLs collect QSL cards from DX stations as avidly as many licensed amateurs and will be pleased to confirm all SWL reports complying with the above simple rules.

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